Failure hurts a lot.  It’s hard to accept it. It’s hard to move on and face a new day without ever thinking what made me a failure. I don’t know what it would take for me succeed. I tried different ways, yet still I’m not going anywhere. I’m not moving. Have you felt in your life that no matter how much you try, it feels like nothing change.


“Right now, my failures makes me stronger and better. Now it pushes me to keep going. And the more i fight, the more I realize what am I fighting for. ”   –Mark M. 

Best? or Blame? or Status quo?

I just remembered what my boss said, “Do the same things, expect the same results. But do different things, then you can expect different results. Wherever you go in your life, there will be issues. You cannot escape from it. And the worst part is, you can blame anyone on what’s happening in your life. And you can just stay relax and say I’m good and contented. I have a job. I can survive. Or you make a choice to give your best shot everyday.”                                                                                                                                          What I just said

Even you never seen any good results, just keep going. Even your the only one who believes in yourself and everyone is laughing at you. You might said, you don’t know my situation. My life is different from yours. And yes, your right. But if your holding onto something, to your dreams in life, to what you believe, your goals, to what you stood for and to what your fighting for. Then we have something in common. If you have hesitations to what you want to do, if you love what you do, if you want to try something new, if you want to live you life as if this is the last day, if you want to try it all over again. Then somehow, I experienced those things also.


You can only say that your focus if and only if you prioritize something. If not, then there’s a lot of things that tries to steal your time and attention. It’s hard to notice it. You’re lucky if there are people who are observers and wanted you to grow and thrive.

If none, then the only choice is to improve your self awareness day by day by day.You will achieve 100% focus.

Think First Before You Act

Learn when to stop and when to go. When it is too much or it’s enough. Know when to listen and when to speak. Know how to use proper timing and perfect moment.

Many were failure just because they don’t know how to act and when to act. 

In today’s time, knowing what to act is not enough. 

More Complaint, Less Do.

Why do so many people complaining rather than think and do something to change the situation. You can usually hear people say I can’t, I’m busy or maybe next time. Then they’ll been saying why life is hard. They start to look for someone to blame. They don’t know and not aware it is them who were the problem. Like what others said, the greatest enemy is “yourself.”

“You are what you choose to learn”

“You are what you choose to learn”

One way of effective learning is by reading. But it’s not enough especially if you want to be the best.

It’s good to read, It’s better to understand and It’s best to apply.

You can have thousands of books, i will just ask you one thing. What did you apply in Real Life?

No Matter What!

No matter: who you are

                       where you came from

                       what is your level of education

                       what resources you have.

We all have the power to choose who we want to be. We are capable of making it happen. 

And remember, we all have something in common that only few use it wisely. That is


Learn to Discover – The Best Within Us

There are different ways of how they start doing something, the time they are doing it and when they choose to stop/end it. Just an advice, make experiment. Continuously do what really works just for you or your team and always be flexible in the improvements you did. Try it again and again and again. 

And avoid expecting for great results in a short period of time. That’s why turtle always win. Be patient. 

Curiosity—> is it always good?


And it’s true, we only have limited time here on earth to answer all the questions running on our minds. Why is this happening to me? where should i go? who will i trust? 

But that’s life, that’s how we were made. Instead of spending time looking for all the answers, why not focus on what you really wanted to know, then assess yourself and remember your past experiences. Think. . .Seek. . . Ask. . . Knock. . .

“It’s not because you can, you should.”

“It’s not because you can , you should.”   by Lea Salonga

Sometimes you have think twice, sometimes what you can do is not appropriate for the situation. Sometimes you have to let others show that they also can. Sometimes in life it’s better to withdraw and be silent than just showing up all your capabilities. 

Statistics. Help in Making Decisions?

Statistics. Help in Making Decisions?

“From Questions to Statistics to Interpretation. Then last thing, the Decision.”

What i love is probability testing. Taking chances(risks) by relying on data then make a proper interpretation. The questions are how many data do you have and how many are reliable? it can lead to 1 to 99% chance of success.

If you know how to use it well, you will be amazed with good results it can provide.

If you think you’ll be successful…

If you think you’ll be successful, then you’re going to be successful.

We can’t measure how powerful our mind is, it is the one who find ways to make dreams a reality.  While others are telling you it’s impossible, you can’t reach that Goal. Its not for you, you’re not good enough.

Don’t focus on those things, sometimes you just have to believe and do it again and again and  again. 

Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!


A very good speaker

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When most well-intentioned aid workers hear of a problem they think they can fix, they go to work. This, Ernesto Sirolli suggests, is naïve. In this funny and impassioned talk, he proposes that the first step is to listen to the people you’re trying to help, and tap into their own entrepreneurial spirit. His advice on what works will help any entrepreneur.

Ernesto Sirolli got his start doing aid work in Africa in the 70’s — and quickly realised how ineffective it was. Read Full Bio

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